• by Julia Hirsch

MODERN - A modern design is simple and aesthetic yet comfortable and cozy. Modern furniture has clean lines with smooth, sleek surfaces. Metals, chrome, glass, marbles, and stone are favored. Décor is kept minimal and art is instead used as décor. It is common to see bold, colorful accents in a mostly neutral background. You should opt for large pieces of expressive or abstract art, bold accent colors for rugs, furniture, pillows, etc., and furniture with clean lines.

BOHO/ECLECTIC - Boho, short for "Bohemian" design, is a free-spirited aesthetic that mixes different cultures and artistic expressions. It is laid back with an emphasis on nature, bold patterns, and strong colors in a bright and airy background. 

MINIMALIST - A minimalist likes their space to be as clean, simple, and organized as possible. "Less is more" is very important. Minimalist style uses uncomplicated forms, clean lines, and simple, neutral finishes. Any color used is subtle, not bold or dominating. You will not find any patterns, and therefore textures in fabrics and surfaces are used to define the space. Good storage is a must in order to keep a space minimal and clutter hidden.

INDUSTRIAL - It is important to understand where industrial design came from in order to execute it right. When western European factories closed down at the end of the second industrial revolution it left many large, vacant buildings behind. These were eventually converted into residential buildings. Exposed pipes, beams, brick walls, and concrete gave the spaces unique characters. Eventually, furniture was designed to go well in these spaces. Concrete, wood, and metal are popular materials.

MID-CENTURY MODERN - Mid-century modern style has a breezy and seamless flow. Rich woods are used often along with the specific accent colors of mustard yellow, avocado, and chartreuse. Form follows function as functionality is the most important aspect of mid-century modern design. 

GLAM - Made popular in Hollywood, modern glam uses high contrast color and material combos. "Over the top" can be done right with this style. Mirrored furniture, fuzzy surfaces, acrylic, velvet, animal prints, and lots of details are key features.