About Us

Abodelux was started in 2020 when CEO and founder Julia was shopping for her home and found a need in the market for a luxury online destination for home decor and furniture. She ordered some items online that were marketed as luxury but when she received them the quality just wasn't there. 

She decided to create her own company that met her and others' needs. She started traveling all over the US in search of artists and vendors who make and create their items with the highest quality materials and procedures. If standards matched what she was looking for, that is how you will find them on Abodelux.

This is why the collection on Abodelux is kept on the smaller side compared to your major companies such as Wayfair, Amazon, and Overstock, etc. Abodelux does not sell just anything. Every product has a luxury guarantee.

Abodelux serves those who are looking to find the same luxury guarantee that Julia was searching for. Another unique feature is that everything you see on Abodelux is in stock and ready to ship. Most companies sell items that will ship in many weeks, or even tell you after you make your purchase that the item is out of stock.


Julia Hirsch, founder of Abodelux, is a young professional who has a background in interior design, environmental design, and business. Her knowledge of the industry enabled her to create a company from the ground up that was true to her vision of being a reliable luxury online destination. She was born and raised on Long Island, New York and now lives between Miami, Florida and Charleston, South Carolina.